Traditional Storage Silos Offer No Flexibility, Can Shut You Down

Horizontal silo with push-pull floors for automated reclaim for biomass.

Here is the SMARTER way:

Our push-pull storage system has many advantages. 

  • The storage area can be divided to store multiple materials and allow blending at discharge.
  • The storage area can be loaded overhead by our SMART Conveyor™, or from the open end by trailer or end loader, or from the side with our push – pull trailer or walking floor. 
  • In the example shown here, there are 8 strokers on the floor, run by 2 hydraulic units. This results in unbeatable redundancy as the loss of a stroker cylinder or a single hydraulic unit does not shut down the system. 
  • Hydraulic maintenance is performed on the floor stroking system without unloading and is done at the ground level, saving precious hours of downtime and making repairs much safer.
  • The strokers are able to withstand contamination by oversized pieces much better than a silo unloader. 
  • The facility can be implemented into an existing building, saving the cost of building a brand new facility.
  • The facility is very safe as no one will enter the hazardous area for maintenance. 
  • Overflow protection is accomplished by extending the feeding conveyor out the far end of the building. 
  • The facility can also be engineered to be operated without the need for costly air permits.

We offer you a superior product that beats silos in every single category. 

For more information on how we can make your storage options safer, more versatile, and more efficient, please contact us.

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