Technical Bulletin Issue I: SMART Conveyor TorqLOCs

SEW Eurodrive TorqLOC® on SMART Conveyor™ from Biomass Engineering & Equipment

An advantage of the TorqLOC® system we use on our conveyors is that it can slip when the conveyor instantly stops due to an obstruction. By slipping slightly, the lock prevents damage a split keyway would otherwise inflict on the shaft, damage which would require the shaft’s replacement.

PLEASE NOTE the slip has released the tension in the system and must be reset. When your conveyor kicks out, or you know it has been impacted with a sudden stop, it is CRITICAL that you retorque the TorqLOC® before restarting.

The incidence of this causing an issue in operations is rare, but we get reports of it occasionally. It is our contention that the TorqLOC® is superior to a keyway because a keyway weakens a shaft and creates a stress concentration. The TorqLOC® has proven to reduce the number of shaft failures across our conveyor population overall.

We think it may also be a good idea to just check the torque on our conveyors during normal shutdowns as part of the PM process.

Click here for written instructions for the SEW Eurodrive TorqLOC® here.

Click here to view SEW Eurodrive’s TorqLOC® installation video.