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Biomass Infeed Systems: Cost, Space, and Other Considerations

How much does a biomass infeed system cost? The answer involves a big “it depends.” Systems can be as simple as a wheel loader and a receiving bin or more complex and involve bunkers, metering, and screening equipment. Obviously, the bigger and more complicated the system, the higher the price. Containers vs. Bunkers SMART Containers […]

Biomass Storage Overview

As the demand for natural materials and alternative energy sources has grown, so has the number of investments in biomass facilities. We’ve witnessed a striking number of new biomass power plants and pellet mills that utilize wood in the past decade. We’ve also seen investments into processing nonwoody, cellulosic materials like hemp, miscanthus, stover, and […]

How to Consistently Blend Biomass

Prior to 2020, Drax, a British power supplier, purchased fuel pellets based on volume. They learned during that time that not all pellets are created equal. The company was paying the same price for fuel no matter its BTU value. This meant the company was paying more per BTU in some shiploads than others, and […]

Granular Segregation: Why You Can’t Mix Materials in a Silo

From time to time, we meet clients who attempt to store mixed materials in a silo. Either the material is premixed or the client fills the silo with separate materials and assumes the materials will mix as they descend through the system. What they discover, however, is that the materials, whether they be wood chips […]

Alternatives to Storing Biomass in Vertical Silos

Vertical silos are standard storage devices in many industries. But for biomass, they’re hardly ideal. Biomass tends to bridge, especially in round containers, and vertical silos have trouble reclaiming it. Because of these issues, companies that store biomass will want to consider the advantages of a horizontal system instead of a vertical one. Without even […]

New Years Resolution #1

“I will fix my storage, surge, and feed bin problems.” SMART Containers are a quick and low cost solution for storing and feeding your material. We have refined the system down to a modular approach that allows you to scale the package to the size you need now AND to increase the capacity in the […]

SMART Chip or Dust Storage In a Weekend!

SMART Storage – Fast! SMART Containers are a great solution for storing and feeding your material. We have now refined the system into a modular approach that allows you to scale the package to the size you need now AND to increase the capacity in the future.  Installation is a snap because everything is made […]

Traditional Storage Silos Offer No Flexibility, Can Shut You Down

Here is the SMARTER way: Our push-pull storage system has many advantages.  The storage area can be divided to store multiple materials and allow blending at discharge. The storage area can be loaded overhead by our SMART Conveyor™, or from the open end by trailer or end loader, or from the side with our push […]

Moving Floor Trailers and Bins From Biomass Engineering & Equipment

Storage, Transport, and Feeder Bins Horizontal silos (aka SMART Containers) are a great solution for storing, transporting, and metering your bulk material. Advantages of these silos include: Can be stationary or mobile, temporary or permanent Output is metered and consistent Accepts impacts better than a moving floor Available in many sizes and capacities Stationary units […]