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A Log-Handling Powerhouse: Exploring the Smart Design of BE&E Log Decks and Troughs

At BE&E, we offer log-handling systems for both hardwood and softwood industries. We are happy to provide turn-key systems as well as individual machines, including decks and troughs, sorting and bucking lines, debarkers, hourglass rollcases, and waste conveyors. We understand the demands of the industry and focus on the most robust, yet efficient, designs for […]

Engineering a Better Log Deck

If a lumbermill asked to build a tree-length log deck, how would you do it? You’d probably first ask how it is usually done. Log decks are commonly built with a single, large head shaft with massive bearings and an exposed drive sprocket. Some decks use two- and three-piece head shafts with couplings—an improvement against […]