Storage Solution for WDDGS

Storage for WDDGS with nitrogen blanket

You’re familiar with the issues: Wet cake / WDDGS has a short life. It spoils after a few days in the summer. And because it’s kept outdoors, it attracts rodents and other animals. Besides this, it makes a mess. It doesn’t pile high and can spread into roadways.

So, what would it be worth if you could reduce the mess and increase the lifespan of your wet cake?

By storing wet cake in SMART Containers from Biomass Engineering & Equipment, it’s possible for you to do this. SMART Containers will store wet cake in fully enclosed, modified sea containers, which will keep out wildlife and protect the wet cake from the elements. Equipped with a nitrogen blanket, SMART Containers can also effectively reduce the amount of O2 to which your wet cake is exposed, thereby potentially extending its life.

SMART Containers have other advantages:

  • They’re modular. You can add more to expand capacity.
  • They require minimal concrete—no slabs.
  • They depreciate as machinery, not buildings, so you recoup your investment faster than with permanent a fixture.
  • Automated load out means you can effectively eliminate the need for a wheel loader.
  • Automated load out means reduced reliance on hard-to-find labor.