SMART Conveyor™

Servlet conveyor for biomass material handling.

  • More efficient than a fan, piping, cyclones and other conveyors, all while using a fraction of the horsepower.
  • Allows multiple inlets and outlets.
  • Can be used for steep inclines.
  • Totally enclosed so it cannot leak dust
  • Twin chains in wear strips outside the material path.
  • Curves in 15 degree increments up to vertical.
  • Paddles do not touch the floor or walls.
  • Shaft mount drives (no guards, belts or pinch points).
  • Optional high temperature features
  • Lowest horsepower requirements to move material.
  • Modular, bolt together construction for easy assembly and reconfiguration at a later date.
  • Allows for easy changes of the wear strips from OUTSIDE the conveyor.

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