SMART Biomass Conveyors for Woody Material

Twin-Chain Drag Conveyors from Biomass Engineering & Equipment are highly refined machines specifically engineered for handling woody biomass. Also called paddle conveyors, scraper conveyors, and chain conveyors, our machines are engineered to allow for wide customization from a catalog of shapes, sizes, and materials. They’re great with inclines and can move material at angles up to vertical. We offer both top-drag and bottom-drag conveyors to best suit your needs.

SMART Woody Biomass Conveyor

  • Ease of maintenance  — change curve wear strips in minutes from outside the conveyor
  • Reliable  — simple maintenance will keep our conveyor going for years
  • Quiet  — no metal-to-metal contact except for the chain on the sprocket
  • Safe  — direct shaft-mounted inverter duty drives – no pulleys, belts, guards, or pinch points
  • Space-saving inclines — 75° angle, no problem; convey materials up to vertical
  • Dust tight fully enclosed conveyor, no leaks and no exposure to moving parts
  • Energy Efficient — one half the power requirements of other systems
  • Modular — bolt-together construction for easy assembly and future changes

Handles virtually any bulk material!

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