SMART Conveyors™ Available at a Lower Initial Price!

Price lowered on SMART Conveyors - mechanical conveyors for bulk material handling

INDIANAPOLIS—Biomass Engineering & Equipment announced Aug. 26 that it will lower the price of its innovative SMART Conveyors™ due to increased sales and changes in how it produces the machines.

BE&E president Dane Floyd said, “While most manufacturers are raising prices while demand is up, we decided to lower ours. We’re able to do this because increased volumes have resulted in lower prices from some of our vendors. Also, our new assembly line and dedicated production cells have reduced our internal manufacturing costs.”

The company recently separated production of its SMART Conveyors™ from its other equipment when it acquired a second manufacturing plant in Indianapolis. The location also serves as the company’s headquarters, which was previously in Columbus, Indiana.

According to Dane, decreasing the price will attract more manufacturers and help the company grow. “A lower initial price will allow more people to take advantage of our great products,” he said. “We have seen over and over that once a customer tries our product, they come back again and again.

“I am confident that a lower price will allow us to increase sales even more rapidly and grab market share that cannot be taken from us,” Dane said. “I look forward to lowering prices again next year.”

BE&E provides turnkey engineering for bulk material handling systems worldwide. Known of its unique mechanical conveyors, the company provides complete solutions for receiving, storage, reclaim, and load out of bulk materials for a variety of industries.

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