New Years Resolution #1

Horizontal Silo - Biomass Storage System

“I will fix my storage, surge, and feed bin problems.”

SMART Containers are a quick and low cost solution for storing and feeding your material. We have refined the system down to a modular approach that allows you to scale the package to the size you need now AND to increase the capacity in the future. 

Installation is a snap because everything is made ready before the crane arrives. You pour the support walls and we do the rest. Simple systems can be installed in a weekend.

You will also be very pleased with the cost, a fraction of traditional silos.

We start with 40′ open top sea containers, add our rock solid live floor system, a roof with distribution conveyor, walkway and railings, and deliver a complete modular package ready to drop in place.

How much storage would you like to build? The possibilities are limitless.

This is an example of the most basic double stack system. This gives you approximately two trailer loads of storage.

Start with a single floor and go higher and wider with boxes as you need.


The next step up is a triple stack:

Now simply scale it to the volume you need. Now or later!


  • Multiple units allow accurate metering of different products into one conveyor.
  • They are fully stand-alone and modular, so you can easily add additional capacity in the future.
  • All bins feature our reliable push-pull floor system.
  • Lowest cost per cubic foot of storage.
  • When using multiple bins side by side you have built in redundancy because each bin can be separately operated.


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