Moving Floor Trailers and Bins From Biomass Engineering & Equipment

Live floor trailers with feeder bins to drag chain conveyors that feed gasifier.

Storage, Transport, and Feeder Bins

Horizontal silos (aka SMART Containers) are a great solution for storing, transporting, and metering your bulk material. Advantages of these silos include:

  • Can be stationary or mobile, temporary or permanent
  • Output is metered and consistent
  • Accepts impacts better than a moving floor
  • Available in many sizes and capacities
  • Stationary units install quickly and easily with no expensive foundations required
  • Multiple units allow accurate metering of different products into one conveyor
  • They are fully stand-alone and modular, so you can easily add additional capacity in the future
  • All bins feature our reliable push-pull floor system
  • Lowest cost per cubic foot of storage
  • When using multiple bins side by side you have built in redundancy because each bin can be separately operated

The possibilities are nearly endless for using these units:

  • Standby storage when the silo is down for service
  • Extra storage to carry you through long shutdowns
  • Separate your materials and meter them back in the correct percentages
  • Transport material with our trailers instead of moving floors and not need an expensive metering bin
  • Stack them up to three high for permanent storage
  • Line them up side by side for unlimited capacities
  • Add feeder bins for blending
  • Increase feeder bin size
  • Add a feeder bin for safety and redundancy

Metered feed from a mobile unit
See the video here:

Horizontal silo for bulk material transfer and feeding. Feeder bins for bulk materials.

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