BE&E provides complete bulk handling systems along with engineering, automation, EPC project management, turn-key systems, and individual machines for a variety of industries. In-house systems we offer include receiving pits, receiving bins, metering, storage with automated reclaim, conveyors, and trailer loading. For wood-product sectors, we also provide debarkers, decks, and troughs. Industries we serve include veneer, plywood, CLT, OSB, MDF, particleboard, excelsior, hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, millwork, chips/biomass, mulch, pellets, biomass power, engineered wood, and cooperages, among others. More equipment for the wood industry is available through our parent company, Veneer Services®. Between BE&E and Veneer Services®, we can supply you with:

We also provide services specific to the veneer and plywood industries due to our experience in these sectors. These services include automation, controls work, equipment procurement, equipment rebuilds, valuation, removal, layout, design, and installation.

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Fuel Pellets, Biomass, and Bioenergy

BE&E is proud to serve the biomass bioenergy sector with its expertise in bulk material handling. We have a growing presence in the wood pellet industry and have created systems for bagasse, corn stover, miscanthus grass, and various boiler fuels (veneer, wood waste, green and dried wood chips, etc.). We understand the nuances that come with handling cellulosic and fibrous materials, which gives us an edge in designing efficient systems. For biomass and bioenergy, we provide:

  • Complete bulk material handling systems
  • Turn-key pellet plants
  • Turn-key chipping lines
  • Turn-key biomass boilers
  • Turn-key gasification systems
  • EPC services
  • Screening
  • Metering
  • Storage with automated reclaim
  • Ash handling
  • Used boilers

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Pulp & Paper

BE&E provides top-tier machinery and material handling systems to the pulp and paper industry. Whether you’re manufacturing virgin paper or recycled paperboard, we have efficient solutions to decrease downtime and increase your profits.

Equipment relevant to the pulp-and-paper industry includes:

We also offer automation and turn-key biomass power systems.

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BE&E is a proven leader in designing top-performing material handling systems for recycling companies. Our SMART Conveyors™ have proven capable of handling chipped tires, sludge, and ground pallets, among other recyclable materials. We’re excited for the opportunities in this sector and are always willing to come alongside clients to do something new.

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Animal Feed

With their connection to agriculture, feed producers too often turn to farm-grade machinery for their mills. Such machinery underperforms in an industrial setting, however, as it’s designed for seasonal use, not year-round operation. BE&E can supply you with the right equipment for consistent performance without the same maintenance difficulties that come with light-duty or agricultural-grade machines. We can supply your operation with efficient, mill-grade transfer and metering that will allow you to focus on profit centers, not your material handling systems. Turn to us for:

  • Turn-key pellet mills
  • Complete material handling
  • Screening
  • Turn-key Chipping / Grinding / Shredding
  • Storage
  • Loadout

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BE&E is a leader in designing highly efficient DDGS and wet cake handling systems for the ethanol industry. Our SMART Conveyors™ provide top-tier performance for optimal efficiency and less downtime, and our SMART Containers provide an automated solution for storing and reclaiming dried distillers grains and wet cake. We furthermore offer an automated trailer loadout system for wet cake, which eliminate front end loaders and reduce waste. Turn to us for:

Click to learn more about our solutions for the ethanol industry.

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BE&E offers much to the emerging biochar industry. Let us design a top-of-the-line material handling system for your biochar facility with the best conveyors, storage equipment, and loadout systems on the market. We provide efficient material handling equipment that enables our clients to focus on their profit centers and not their transfer and storage equipment.

We offer turn-key services for material handling from receiving to load out and can help you avoid pitfalls that new companies often make when conveying and storing cellulosic materials.

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Large shellers and nut processors can benefit from high-quality material handling equipment for hulls and shells. BE&E’s dust-tight SMART Conveyors™ are the right choice to reduce dust and material buildup under machinery. We’re the premium choice for bulk handling systems made for the lowest-possible operational expense. Come to us with your challenges regarding:

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Milling and Crushing

Mill-duty SMART Conveyors™ provide consistent performance for 24/7 operations. Our T-Series conveyors are capable of moving volumes up to 400 tons an hour and our M-Series volumes of 250 tons per hour. Equipped with large-pinned chains, our conveyors are designed for long service life and less frequent maintenance. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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Biochemicals & Sugar

BE&E offers exceptional products for biochemical processors. Our paddle conveyors gently handle oil-heavy products without crushing or bruising material like augers and typical chain conveyors. Let us build you a complete transfer line for:

  • Oil crops (rapeseed, soybean, nuts)
  • Fuel crops (corn, maize, sorghum, sugar beets, potatoes, yams)
  • Sugar crops (sugar beets, sugarcane, sorghum)
  • Feedstock for essential oils and extracts

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Foundries & Smelting

Heavy-duty drag chain conveyors are ideal for handling recycled casts, powders, and carbon feedstock. Capable of steep inclines, SMART Conveyors™ can in many cases replace bucket elevators to effectively reduce maintenance troubles and reduce ongoing costs. SMART Conveyors™ are ideal, also, for replacing augers that quickly wear when handling gritty, abrasive materials like sand. Click below to read about:

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Fertilizer & Agglomerated Materials

SMART Conveyors™ excel at handling free-flowing, agglomerated material like fertilizer. Our unique design provides efficient operation while gently handling materials. SMART Conveyors™ are in many instances capable of replacing bucket elevators so plant personnel can enjoy easier maintenance and more reliable performance.

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We are always looking to expand our impact. Our engineers can adapt our bulk handling equipment for many applications, and we enjoy a challenge. If we aren’t familiar with your material or application, we’ll do the necessary research to develop a competitive, efficient system that will stand out from the competition. We aren’t shy of the unknown, and we’re confident in our designs. Contact us to begin a conversation today!

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