SMART Floors

We can help you unload horizontal silos by automating discharge with SMART Floors, our push-pull reclaim system. SMART Floors feed your discharge with metered flow rates and can add redundancy to avoid costly shut downs. They are also easily serviced. We can apply SMART Floors to systems ranging from small, 20′ containers to large storage buildings.

Advantages of SMART Floors include:

  • Simple, rugged construction
  • Easy annual maintenance
  • Divided storage
  • Ability to service the hydraulics without unloading the unit
  • Modular design
  • Ability to blend contents at discharge
  • Conversion of an existing building into a storage facility
  • Ability to unload trucks directly into storage without additional equipment
  • Material flow is first in first out
  • Optional overflow protection
  • Ability to load material into storage with an end loader


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