Submerged Ash Conveyor

Submerged chain conveyors (submerged scraper conveyors) from Biomass Engineering & Equipment are designed to handle the challenging environment in which they must operate. We understand the abrasive and corrosive conditions in which these conveyors operate and have developed solutions to increase component life and decrease operational expenses.

Our submerged scraper conveyors feature:

  • Low-cost, standard chains
  • AR floor plating
  • AR wear liners on curves
  • Explosion-proof panels
  • Explosion ventilation
  • Elevated head (keeps the shaft, sprockets, bearings, and take-up system out of the water)
  • Stainless steel or galvanized construction

To reduce wear, we ensure the conveyor chains run as slow as possible. Running the chains slow reduces wear by minimizing mixing, which improves the removal rate of ash and reduces breakdown of clinkers.

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