NFPA® Compliant Conveyors

conveyor deluge system for fire suppression

We’ve been working hard to ensure our SMART Conveyors™ comply with the NFPA standards for dust hazard safety. To this end, we’ve:

  • Studied applicable NFPA® guidelines
  • Had our 18-S Smart Conveyor™ analyzed by a third party for its ability to structurally withstand an explosion
  • Been modeling our full line of S- and M-Series conveyors for their ability to structurally withstand an explosion
  • Physically tested our M-Series conveyor for its ability to structurally withstand explosion pressures when equipped with ventilation
  • Designed a deluge system with spark detection

NFPA MemberSMART Conveyors™ are enclosed, dust-tight* twin-chain systems designed to lower your operational costs and keep you compliant with NFPA codes. Environment, health, and safety professionals can confidently recommend our conveyors to management because we’re committed to manufacturing the best conveyors on the market—ones that set the bar for performance and safety.

We offer explosion panels, diversion gates, and automatic, bolt-on deluge for extinguishing fires in our conveyors. We are also capable of applying flameless vents and explosion suppression technologies to our systems. Components standard on all our SMART Conveyors™ include:

  • Dust-tight bearings and bushings
  • Dust-tight inspection doors
  • Shaft seals
  • Low-friction chain assemblies
  • Plug detection

For more information on NFPA® requirements for conveyors and other bulk material handling equipment, visit:

Information on mitigating explosions and fires is available in our four-part series Q&A on Mitigating Conveyor Explosions and Fires.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


*SMART Conveyors™ are not IP-rated “dust tight.” They have small holes for rivets and minute gaps in the curves. Gasketing for IP-rated dust-tight performance is available upon request.