Containerized Storage

BE&E has created robust and cost-effective biomass storage/feeder bins from repurposed sea containers to complete your quality material handling system.

The solution can be easily expanded and changed to fit current or future needs. The unique push/pull wedge floor system moves materials evenly and consistently. Our SMART Container Bins are a fast, flexible, convenient, and affordable solution for reliable and consistent feed.

  • Installs quickly, often in a day or weekend
  • Units can be stationary or mobile
  • Units can be placed side by side to offer redundancy or the blending of various materials
  • Units can be stacked vertically (up to three high) for increased capacity 
  • SMART Floors operate more efficiently and more reliably than traditional, vertical silos
  • They're a green solution: repurposed sea containers make excellent material for storage bins
  • Can be made dust tight
  • May not require building permits to operate
  • Can be easily moved and reconfigured
Horizontal silos with feeders to discharge system horizontal silo - walking floors or live floors - for bulk material handling of biomass
bulk material handling systems walking floor trailer or live floor trailer - horizontal silo for mobile application
video of walking floor trailer in action, also called a live floor trailer; a horizontal silo metering out sawdust at a sawmill for biomass boiler fuel

Mobile Option (on trailer)

  • Ready to operate upon delivery
  • SMART Floors provide accurate discharge rates
  • Quickly couples to HPU or runs from truck PTO
  • When Unit 1 is empty, Unit 2 activates and begins unloading while Unit 1 refills
  • Expandable: easily add more receiving stations
  • Units serve as your storage, transport, and metering device
modern materials handling solution for mill automation bulk material handling transfer equipment - horizontal silos and silos for biomass boiler fuel. Engineered bulk storage.
bulk handling systems walking floor trailer for metering and transferring bulk biomass - wood chips - to a gasification tower.

Stationary Options

Single unit with optional Metering Bin

Capacity: 2,600 ft³

  • Optional metering device at the discharge end with centering screw for increased accuracy of the material feed rate

Double Stack

Capacity: 5,000 ft³

  • Containers stack for increased capacity while limiting the storage footprint
  • We remove the floor from the upper unit to provide a strong, uniform, and affordable solution
  • Material is first in, first out
  • A conveyor fills and levels the input material
material handling equipment supplier SMART Container with walking floors or live floors that receives and meters biomass for gasification in Tennessee.
modern materials handling equipment

Triple Stack/Two Wide

Capacity: 14,800 ft³

  • Containers stack for increased capacity while limiting the storage footprint
  • We remove floors from upper units to provide a strong, uniform and affordable solution
  • Material is first in, first out
  • Conveyor fills and levels the input material
  • Installs in a weekend
  • Segregate materials
  • Blend materials upon discharge
  • Modular – expansion is simple

Triple Stack/Five Wide

Capacity: 37,000 ft³

Same features as the Triple Stack/Two Wide but with slightly longer installation time.


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feeder bin for grain, biomass, wood, cellulosic material, and other bulk goods horizontal silo stacked for biomass storage or bulk material storage; with live floors.
automation technology for industrial material handling walking floor container bins for bulk material storage - also called a silo, a horizontal silo, a biomass silo, or a hopper