Roller Log Debarkers

A roller debarker (also called a rotary debarker) from BE&E is the proper debarker for high-volume pulpwood debarking. It is capable of debarking softwood or hardwood, and excels at debarking wood that is typically challenging, such as frozen wood, crooked wood, and especially wood species with stringy bark.

  • Effective debarking with minimal fiber loss
  • Great for crooked, short and small woods
  • Requires less energy than a drum debarker
  • Can be used for debarking and contaminant removal from stumps, log trims and cut-offs
  • Variable speed independently driven rollers allow for fine tuning of debarking process
  • Can handle logs with diameters as small as 3 inches, or as large as 32 inches
  • Quieter than a drum debarker
  • Lower installation cost than a drum debarker
  • Can be easily reconfigured for softwood or hardwood
  • Modular construction with one to three module configurations
  • Capacity of up to 150 tons/hour with 3 modules in line
  • Can handle logs as short as 40 inches, or as long as 20 feet


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