Engineering Services

engineering services - 3d modeling - mill layout and design


Layout Design & Modeling

Let our engineering abilities and 3D software help you design the perfect layout for your plant or mill. Having a three-dimensional layout that everyone can understand aids in presenting important information to all team members. These models help everyone along the process understand more and allow them to bring relevant points to the discussion.

3D design prevents the conflicts that used to come from doing large projects in 2D. We can locate everything exactly and connect things with precision, even challenging items like piping with a compound curve. Installations go faster because more install teams can work in parallel.

3D Lidar Scanning

3D Lidar Scan of Sawmill Basement - Sillouette by Rendering

The layout drawings most plants keep on file are not typically accurate, at least not accurate enough to avoid problems while crews install new equipment. Because installation work is often done during an outage, interference issues and on-site changes can lead to extended downtime, which can skyrocket installation costs.

To help customers avoid this, we offer 3D Lidar scanning as a service. We’ll scan the area our customer plans to install equipment then insert our machinery into the scan data to ensure an accurate general assembly drawing.

Turn-Key Engineering

Drax Biomass Leola Layout from Biomass Engineering & Equipment

Why contract with EPC firms that have little or no first-hand experience handling biomass? We can design complete material handling systems from receiving to load out that will work efficiently with low operating costs. We also offer turn-key engineering and design for:

  • Pellet plants
  • Green-end log infeed and grading
  • Chipping lines

Pellet Mills

BE&E offers complete, EPCM services for pellet plants with outputs between 34,000-103,000 tons per year. Let us engineer, procure, and construct for you a premium mill that will produce a consistent, value-added product.


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