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Welcome to the Team, Dennis

Veneer Services and its Biomass Engineering & Equipment division is pleased to announce the addition of Dennis Widdifield to our team. Dennis will serve as our sales engineer for Eastern and Central Canada and the Great Lakes states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. He is ready to serve our clients’ needs. Dennis is a mechanical engineer/senior […]

Cheap Machines Can Cost Thousands in Downtime

When purchasing equipment, do you factor in the cost of downtime the equipment will create when it stops working? Of course you don’t. You’re buying new equipment so that you don’t have to deal with downtime. But if the equipment is poorly designed and shoddily constructed, you’re going to experience downtime despite the fact that […]

Four Maintenance-Friendly Designs to Consider in New Machines

Financial controllers and maintenance workers live in different worlds. One works to keep the numbers in order, and the other does his best stop leaks. One works in air conditioning, and the other makes sure the air conditioning is running. Despite different aims and environment, the two need not differ when it comes to what […]

Charcoal Headlines—24 August, 2018

Broads, UK, Trial Aims to Turn Natural Waste Into Useful Charcoal In a landscape sculpted centuries ago by peat-diggers, a new project aims to generate a different kind of fuel from the Broads – by turning natural waste into charcoal. … (more) General 28 Year Old from Kenya Starts Charcoal Business

Biochar Headlines—24 August, 2018

U.S. Biochar Market Survey A survey and analysis of the US biochar industry was commissioned by the US Forest Service, via a Wood Innovations Grant. Two surveys were generated; one for producers and one for users. The Surveys were composed using Survey Monkey and the US Biochar Initiative … (more) Research Particle Size Dependence of […]