Comparing BE&E Conveyors

Here at BE&E, we recognize that one size does not fit all, especially with conveyors. That’s why we have designed a smart line of conveyors that can be customized to serve you better.  Let’s explore our options to find the best fit for you:  SMART Conveyor™  There are many reasons why our SMART Conveyor™ really […]

SMART Floors: Automating Metered Reclaim

When it comes to automating material processing and storage, moving floors are a compelling option. There are several designs to consider, but it is important to understand the differences. Several companies offer moving aluminum slat floor systems that can quickly move the entire pile using friction. However, SMART Floors from BE&E have many unique advantages, […]

Ancillary Conveyor Costs in Installation Projects

In any capital project, the project team prioritizes costs. They must. Management has given them a budget, and with it, incentives to spend as little money as possible while still meeting the project’s benchmarks. However, project managers sometimes unintentionally overspend on bulk handling systems, particularly conveyors. This happens not because they fail to identify the […]

A Log-Handling Powerhouse: Exploring the Smart Design of BE&E Log Decks and Troughs

At BE&E, we offer log-handling systems for both hardwood and softwood industries. We are happy to provide turn-key systems as well as individual machines, including decks and troughs, sorting and bucking lines, debarkers, hourglass rollcases, and waste conveyors. We understand the demands of the industry and focus on the most robust, yet efficient, designs for […]

Drag Chain Conveyors Now Available in 10 Days

Yes, it’s possible. And no, it’s not a mistake. SMART Conveyors™ are available with a lead time of ten business days upon BE&E receiving your signed approval drawings.[1] How is this possible? We’ve got Scott Lawson, our chief operations officer. Scott has increased the efficiency of our production processes and stockpiled long-lead items that previously required […]

Material Handling for Pellet Lines

Bulk receiving? Yes. Screening? Yes. Log handling? Yes. Log processing? Yes. Infeed? Yes. Storage? Yes. Reclaim? Yes. Metering? Yes. Surge control? Yes. Load out? Yes. Turn-key service? Yes. BE&E supplies complete systems for manufacturing woody pellets. We’re adept at handling both whole logs and sized biomass—chips or shavings—and have experience with numerous non-woody materials such as stover, dried DDGS, and animal feed. Our equipment is designed for optimal performance for long-term […]

Bid Processes Can Deter Innovation

During the height of the pandemic, we were presented the opportunity to bid on a conveyor for handling OSB strands. The prospective customer had formerly used a rake conveyor to handle the material, and we were excited they were willing to consider our SMART Conveyors™ as an alternative. Before we could issue a quote, however, […]

SMART Conveyors™ Reduce Maintenance

It’s said good work is hard to find, and that’s when laborers are plenty. It’s all the truer when they’re scarce. Yet such is the state of the labor market for maintenance personnel. Travel back to the ’40s, and any John, Dick, or Harry understood the basics of a mechanical system. They could change the […]

Screw Conveyor Woes

When properly designed for the material and application, short screw conveyors are a great way to accurately meter volume flow. They can also work well as volume feeder devices in the bottom of bins. But they aren’t ideal for transporting coarse, fibrous materials over long distances. Such has proven the case time and again for […]

Bulk Handling Automation from BE&E

Manufacturers who process biomass often rely on wheel loaders to move and feed the material. It’s a laborious process that’s intensive not only in terms of employee time but in cost, especially since the price of diesel has skyrocketed. (The average cost of diesel in the US was $3.61 on January 3, 2022. By June […]