Biomass Engineering & Equipment Invests in Engineering, Production

Engineering and automation for bulk material handling

INDIANAPOLIS — Biomass Engineering & Equipment has added two, full-time design engineers and a chief production manager at its Indiana headquarters to accommodate the demand for its products. The hires follow the addition of a full-time materials control supervisor in 2020 and the creation of a manufacturing engineer role in Q2 2021. New team members include Carl Rosskopf and Michael Selenke, engineers; and Scott Lawson, chief production manager. The company plans to hire additional engineers, salespersons, and support staff.

In another step of growth and to better serve its customers, the company has also issued an order for a Messer MetalMaster 2.0 plasma table and a 175-ton AccurPress brake. The investment will increase the company’s metal-forming and cutting capabilities, which will allow it to meet an increasing demand for its products and services.

“We’ve experienced incredible growth and are positioning for even more,” said Dane Floyd, president and CEO. “Our goal is always to provide the best service and equipment to our customers. These investments in people and machinery allow us to serve even more companies with our expertise so they can benefit from our innovations. The team we’ve put together for this is exceptional—they’re smart guys with a lot of hands-on experience. With them and our SMART line of bulk handling equipment, I’m confident we’ll continue to experience significant growth in the coming years.”

bulk material handling engineer Carl R.

biomass conveyors - pellet conveyor manufacturer Scott L.

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