Monthly Archives: September 2022

Material Handling for Pellet Lines

Bulk receiving? Yes. Screening? Yes. Log handling? Yes. Log processing? Yes. Infeed? Yes. Storage? Yes. Reclaim? Yes. Metering? Yes. Surge control? Yes. Load out? Yes. Turn-key service? Yes. BE&E supplies complete systems for manufacturing woody pellets. We’re adept at handling both whole logs and sized biomass—chips or shavings—and have experience with numerous non-woody materials such as stover, dried DDGS, and animal feed. Our equipment is designed for optimal performance for long-term […]

Bid Processes Can Deter Innovation

During the height of the pandemic, we were presented the opportunity to bid on a conveyor for handling OSB strands. The prospective customer had formerly used a rake conveyor to handle the material, and we were excited they were willing to consider our SMART Conveyors™ as an alternative. Before we could issue a quote, however, […]