Monthly Archives: February 2022

State Energy Savings and Rebate Programs

“Hold that order! And cancel the check!” A customer recently learned of a rebate program in his state for capital improvements that decreased energy consumption, which the equipment he had ordered from Biomass Engineering & Equipment achieved. The rebate would pay up to 75 percent of the project cost. To qualify, however, he couldn’t have […]

Why SMART Conveyors™ Work Well In High-Volume Applications

Manufacturers in the pulp industry used to be the only companies that handled high volumes of biomass. But in 2022, that’s no longer the case. Sawmills, particularly softwood mills, have grown over the decades to produce literal tons of waste every hour. The same is true of other wood processors: shavings mills, pellet plants, engineered […]

Slat Floor Feeders

As a responsible supplier who cares about the success of our customers, and having interacted previously with slat floor (moving floor) style feeders, we want to share our concerns about the use of these feeder bins. It’s important you understand their limitations so everyone on your team can make an informed decision and enjoy the most […]