Monthly Archives: August 2021

Drax Group Project Description: Leola, Arkansas

In May, Drax Group announced its intention to build three satellite pellet plants in Arkansas. What began as a relatively small project for us eventually turned into an opportunity to provide a complete material-handling system to one of the world’s largest pellet manufacturers. Drax chose our drag-chain conveyors for the transfer portion of the plant […]

Maintenance Prevention for Chain Conveyors

Drag-chain conveyors can get a bad reputation for the amount of maintenance they require. While it’s true that even the best chain conveyors need more attention than belt conveyors, it’s a misconception that all chain-style conveyors require excessive time and attention. There are well-designed drag systems on the market, our SMART Conveyor™ being the prime […]

Biomass Engineering & Equipment Adds CFO

INDIANAPOLIS—Jeff Niewedde of Columbus, Ind. has joined Biomass Engineering & Equipment as Chief Financial Officer. Before joining BE&E full time, Niewedde served as the company’s interim CFO and served in similar roles with two prior companies in streamlining processes and process improvements for both field and overhead operations. Niewedde holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting […]